We are proud!!

“Sad to see a once proud party so diminished.”

Locally, we keep hearing this statement, it seems to be a tag line at the end of posts potentially pointing a finger at Lib Dems. Funnily enough we haven’t seen that slogan today (In case you are reading this on ‘Dave’ LibDem’s have just won the Richmond Park by-election).

The problem I have is that if this were aimed at the Liberal Democrat’s it would be wrong. We are still proud, still standing up for equality, fairness etc. and all those good things, still representing the 48% (probably more if you include those who have had a change of mind and those excluded from voting). So it can’t be us… So then who?

Can it be an expression about the Conservative Party from one of their own?

A Party that stood aside to give an independent candidate a better chance, but he still lost?A Party with an unelected Prime Minister?
A Party that is split on Brexit, but trying to paper over the cracks
A Party that “wants its cake and eat it” apparently
A Party where certain members promote UKIP to reign over Labour in the North as an attempted dig at Libdem’s?

To be honest there isn’t enough page but I think you get the idea.

If it is a self judgement, of the Tory’s, I guess it’s right, if not it’s wishful thinking. We may be taking small steps but Lib Dems are still here and STILL PROUD!!

#Libdemfightback continues!!