The Party, Tim and all…

Yesterday I had a discussion regarding Tim’s resignation on Twitter. We disagreed and I was blocked. I won’t name the person as this post is not about victimisation, or vindication, it is about where we are as a party and my thoughts on moving forward (and looking at recent past), though I do see blocking on Twitter an illiberal act in itself but will leave that for a separate blog. 

I supported Tim and will support his successor, this post is not any critique on his leadership etc.

The fact is, like it or not, Tim has resigned. Whether he was pushed, which it appears he was, is to some extent irrelevant at the moment.

That statement seems harsh and can be interpreted in many ways, so let me elaborate. We have just come away from a general election with more seats than before, but also lost some notable MP’s (e.g Nick) and lost ground in other seats. Whether it was successful is subjective, but as we did gain more seats, so I guess more positive than not. The election also gave us slightly more media attention. Before GE we seemed to be ignored or forgotten. So we are in broad terms rebuilding slowly. We knew it would be slow and take time, as Libdems we know it will happen.

With that in mind, and this was the discussion on Twitter, taking into account how Labour has been seen in recent history, looking divided, that  and the mumbling of discontent in the Tory ranks at present, we need to be seen and act as one united party. In fighting in a public arena will do us no good at all. I am not denying, condoning events but what advantage would naming and shaming give us?

As a long time Liberal/Libdem follower and member, I will support whoever leads our party. Apparently that makes me naïve, but I don’t think so. I have seen many changes over the years, disagreed with many, but the Liberal Democrats still represent my political stance, on the whole and hence my continued support. For the party to be credible we need a leader who has the backing of the whole party and that party being together, united in our goal of Libdem values. Reporting in the media and on public forums of disquiet an in-fighting will portray as divided, unelectable etc.

By all means have the inquests, reviews etc. but I politely suggest that now is not the right time.
You could argue, and would be right that as Libdem’s we are allowed our opinions and the right to give them and I’m not denying that, in any shape or form, I’m just suggesting the time and place is wrong.

Just my opinion…

Good luck whoever is chosen to lead our party and you have my support.

p.s not a lemming, but a realist