Tired of campaigning, never…

Now that sleep deprivation is almost out of my system…

The ideal conclusion to 4th May (avoiding Star Wars jokes) would have been the Libdems taking control of Somerset County Council, winning all seats in Yeovil constituency etc.

Obviously that didn’t happen, but the night, and the result wasn’t all doom and gloom. There were many positives to draw from the results.

  • My main focus in the County elections was to ensure that Tony Lock was re-elected to represent Yeovil East, which he was with 49% of the vote.
  • In the neighbouring Ward (where I live) our Libdem candidate Andrew Kendall, took the seat from UKIP
  • In Chard North, Libdem Amanda Broom also won the seat, from UKIP.
  • According to reports, apparently our vote share was 1% above the Conservatives.

According to all national reporting the UKIP vote is going to the Torys, but the two results in Yeovil Constituency despute that, though I do own that Paddy’s BlueKip slogan is nationally probably correct.

On a constituency level, based on vote share, we are well placed to regain the Parliamentary seat too. Nationally our vote share rose by 7%. Overall we won and lost with a net loss, but not as damning as some party’s experienced.

I witnessed over the campaign a lot of hard work and commitment and do genuinely feel for those who didn’t get elected and know that many will fight again next time round with just as much vigour, hopefully gaining the right result.

Now though, having survived the lack of sleep, we hit the campaign trail again to get the wonderful Jo Roundell-Greene elected as the next Yeovil MP…