Bovine TB

This is an ongoing subject. These pages are links and reports I have collected along the way and put here for reference…


Bovine Tuberculosis: Vaccination

Hilary Benn: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs how much her Department estimates it will spend on (a) the badger vaccination demonstration projects and (b) bovine tuberculosis vaccination research in (i) 2010-11, (ii) 2011-12 and (iii) 2012-13. [4742]

Mr Paice: The estimated cost of the Badger Vaccine Deployment Project is as follows:

    (i) 2010-11-£614,000;

    (ii) 2011-12-£418,000;

    (iii) 2012-13-£418,000.

Estimated future spending on bovine tuberculosis vaccination research is as follows:

    (i) £6,618,555 committed in 2010-11;

    (ii) £3,594,760 committed so far in 2011-12;

    (iii) No funds committed yet in 2012-13.

These figures show committed funds only and are therefore likely to be underestimates of total spend. Spend for future years will be determined in light of the Spending Review

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