…makes my blood boil

One thing that makes my blood boil is the playground bully types…

Unfortunately that behaviour transfers into adult life too, you know the sort, picking on minor failings, mimicking them and making them out to be bigger and more of an issue that they actually are.

Not exclusively but it appears that some politician’s are no better than the classroom bully either, picking at others opinions without anything to offer of their own. Taking points in isolation rather than the wider points and then giving it the ‘look at me pose’ aren’t I great (or is that grate?).

It would be wrong of me to single out anyone, or any incident but you know the type. Do or say anything if there is a chance they may be given some responsibility or prominence and then, rather than ending up like Churchill (Winston), they actually end up like Churchill (the nodding dog) serving no use but nodding at the right time. Forsaking others for personal gain too, I suspect.

I have had my fill of playground bullies in the past, they used to worry me (and worse). Now they toughen my resolve, make me work harder and more determined fair play should win the day.

In the Libdem’s I can identify with the drive for equality, opportunity for all etc. quite the opposite to the bullies.

Campaign trail anyone?