Sometimes we need to put politics aside and offer support (this is one of those occasions)

Sometimes we need to put politics aside…

This is one of those occasions.

Since the first Police Crime Commissioner elections, I have, over Twitter, had many discussions with  Rachel Rogers, who was at that time Labour’s Dorset PCC candidate. She has also been a parliamentary candidate and case worker for the South Dorset Labour MP during his tenure (she is also anti Corbyn). We wont always agree on political decisions but have discussed them amicably.

But as I said this is one of those occasions when politics takes a back seat and other matters hold more importance (yes that situation does exist, dear reader).

Rachel (@DorsetRachel) announced that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I can’t put it any better than her so here is the transcript of her Twitter feed:

Pollyanna Rogers ‏@DorsetRachel  Sep 1
So this morning I said I had something other than #LabourLeadership to talk about so now I’m going to come clean with what it is. 1/3

In May I was diagnosed w breast cancer & start chemo soon so before I lose my hair I’m going to #BraveTheShave: … 2/3

I’ve received fabulous support since my diagnosis & in return I’m supporting #BraveTheShave – you can too! … 3/3Rachel Rogers bts

The address for Rachel’s Brave the Shave is:

I wish Rachel and all those with similar diagnoses a speedy recovery and send all best wishes.

Please help Rachel, help others…