Introducing @LibdemNewbiesUK on Twitter (and Lib Dem Newbies UK Facebook Group)

LDnewbies (1)

Introducing @LibdemNewbiesUK on Twitter (and Lib Dem Newbies UK Facebook Group)

Are you new to the Libdem’s, have you returned to the Libdem’s or are you interested in the promotion of the Libdem’s ?

You are then please follow @LibdemNewbiesUK on Twitter.

@LibdemNewbiesUK would also like photos of #libdempints and other newbies meetings, 140 character notes of why you joined the Libdem’s and any other relevant articles to interest anyone joining the Party.LDnewbies

@LibdemNewbiesUK is an unofficial group of volunteer members set up to welcome new members, any views are of individuals not the party. #LibDemFightBack#NewbieSquad

LDnewbies (2)



Also available on Facebook Group – Lib Dem Newbies UK

Why not follow today…?

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