My view and my part in EU referendum

With four days to go until probably the biggest vote in the modern history of the UK, I have decided to reflect on the campaign to date.

What the electorate needed was facts, pure and simple, facts that would make the case for in, or out of the EU. What they got was posturing and overblown statistics (we all know you can make statistics appear to say what you want them to).

In a General Election, Party’s produce manifestos, lists of targets they would like to achieve in the administration, should they be elected. As the referendum is not party specific and therefore although both gave us ‘statistics’ they were designed to persuade the electorate, some of which by fear.

On the street we have been trying to make a reasoned case for staying in the EU, there have been some who have listened to the argument and I do hope that we have at least played a small part in dispelling the statistical myths. There are some however who are akin to lemmings,  blind in their goal of making the UK great again whilst heading for the proverbial cliff and unable to digest any information that would deviate them from that path. I do hope the electorate save them on Thursday.

Thrown into the mix is people’s distrust of politicians. We are apparently all in it for ourselves, looking after our cushy little number, most not realising how much family life we sacrifice to serve the public at large in a quest to make a difference in our community. In my mind this makes it stranger, that those that favour Vote Leave would believe Messrs Gove, IDS, Johnson et al when they spout off about giving money to the NHS etc. I was actually told yesterday that MP’s are twisting the facts to save the jobs that they would lose if we Brexit! The person at the time trying to say that all overblown statistics were absolutely right and that I was mad to try and refute them, I should “crawl back under my Tory rock”.

It’s at this point that I feel like Winston Smith, the guy in 1984, trying to change minds and a system that has become so ingrained and coming up against the same problem every time, people that appear to have been brainwashed by a clever campaign of overblown statistics showing that utopia is an EU free Britain. In reality it’s probably more like the Wizard of Oz where the yellow brick road ends disappointingly with a false facade instead of a brave new world.

In this campaign I have made new friends, from all Party’s that will last beyond this vote. I have also learned that I am rather good at photobombing. The referendum may be the most serious decision we make and we treat it as such, but you also have to have fun sometimes to carry you along the journey.

Whatever the outcome on Thursday, I shall continue my quest for fairness, openness and equality, for what is right for my community and constituents therein.


2 thoughts on “My view and my part in EU referendum

  1. Hi Rob. Thanks for sharing these reflections. You’re certainly right that the tone of the debate – and the flak we’ve been getting on street stalls – has been really unpleasant. A civilised, dispassionate discussion of the pros and cons of our membership it has not been. And I LOVE your photobombing! 🙂 See you soon.


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