I’m voting to stay IN, are you?

That title probably won’t come as any surprise to most of you…

Everyone has an opinion on the EU. Some are informed, some sadly aren’t. The majority of people, in my experience believe that the European Court of Human Rights IS part of the EU, it isn’t. Hence coming out of EU won’t affect their decisions at all. See http://www.britishinfluence.org/britain_s_human_rights_law:

It was Winston Churchill who in 1948 advocated a European ‘Charter of Human Rights’ in direct response to the abject horrors of the Nazi regime and the Second World War. British lawyers primarily drafted what was later to become the European Convention. The UK was the first country to sign up to the Convention, and leaving it would end over 60 years of being legally bound by this first international treaty on Human Rights.

Including Britain, there are 47 countries that have agreed to the Convention, which provides civil and political rights for all citizens.  Soon the European Union itself is destined to become the 48th signatory to the Convention.

Under the Convention, individuals, or groups of people, or one or more countries, can petition the international ‘European Court of Human Rights’ in Strasbourg, France, to give judgments or advisory opinions on alleged breaches of civic and political rights by nation states. From 2000, the Labour government brought into law the Human Rights Act. This allows alleged breaches of the Convention to be heard in UK courts, but still retaining the right to petition the higher international court in Strasbourg.

My MP would say I/we are scaremongering for worrying about industries in the Yeovil/South Somerset area, but actually I believe it IS a worry and we do well to consider it when voting on EU. Something about Nero fiddling and Rome burning springs to mind. There are now quite a few businesses that rely on trade with EU partners, what would happen if we left EU, would they still get the same deal, or have to pay duties on top of original costs?

An argument I have heard on the streets is that of course they will still trade without restriction… So lets look at that argument. The rest of the EU and partners such as Norway are going to let us deal with EU countries at the same cost without levees as they do, but we wont pay into it and they will? That is just not going to happen. Of course they will want to trade, but at what price?

There is a lot of information out there. More than I can fit on one page, or even link to.

Please be informed and use your vote, those who want OUT will and we may all suffer the consequences if unchecked…




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