Religious views, political views, or just human

Religion and Politics together?

It is and would be impossible to separate religion and politics. Personally religion throws up so many doubts and questions that appear to have no answers, I find I cannot follow any faith whole heartedly, so I choose not to. I will join in with others services, on occasion, celebrate their faith and events with them.
If others believe, I have no problem with that whatsoever, everyone is entitled to their beliefs.

What I do believe religions teach us in whatever form, faith etc. is being human. I don’t have to follow a faith to be taught this, but if others do then fine.

To elaborate, teachings tell us that we are all the same, that we should look after each other, that we shouldn’t do something to someone we wouldn’t want done to us, that there are some things that we shouldn’t do as they are wrong, we shouldn’t steal and that none of us is perfect, we all make mistakes. It also teaches us that when we are down, don’t give up.
The list goes on.

As a Liberal Democrat, I recognise all those things in myself and others. Apply those to the preamble and it fits there too. So there is a correlation between politics and religion. The two can sit together, but don’t particularly need to.

Historically our society was built on and around the church, as was Royalty and Government, it will be a long time before that fades if it ever does and natural process will dictate that.

To return to the present debate. Are we all sinners? In my translated form above this question is; Is anyone perfect?

Of course we aren’t, nobody is perfect.

Should we single out minorities and point the finger at them as being sinful (are they perfect?), I.e LGBT? Of course not we are all human beings built the same, feel the same love etc and should have the same chances in life. Yes any one who is LGBT is a sinner, as is every human being, which is normal, so no need to single anyone out.

As a Country we have a long way to go with acceptance and tolerance of minorities, we still haven’t mastered sexual equality, race equality etc. properly.
That doesn’t mean we should stop trying.

In politics we all believe that our stance is right, whether left, right, or centre and make judgements from that position, we look at the facts, look at the perceived outcome and make a decision. If somebody chooses to use religion as their conscience, as part of the facts, then fine, that is part of their personal judgment process. I may disagree, or not, with their decision, but they are entitled to that opinion and how they arrived at it.

So to conclude, we are all sinners (nobody is perfect), we are built in the same image, we all have feelings.

But. We are all different too. Welcome to politics, welcome to religion, welcome to the human race!

Can we now get back to our politics, the preamble and sorting out the mess this Government is undoubtably going to cause for some people in society. There are people out there who need us, need our help and need our Focus (pun intended).


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