Politics from the doorstep

As I walk from door to door, asking questions, discussing political opinions, wondering about the opinions of those who are out, or not answering the door, I have to wonder what actually influences people’s decisions.

To vote, not to vote, which way to vote.

The Liberal in me looks at their argument and sees their point, sometimes knowing that they won’t be persuaded otherwise, sometimes countering and changing their mind.

Some people are just disillusioned with politics on the whole “it doesn’t concern me, crooks the lot of ‘em”. Well yes it does concern you, actually and would crooks put themselves so obviously in the public eye? Everyone is open to scrutiny.

Without politicians, no decisions, either good or bad, would be made. There would be no hospitals, schools, housing, rubbish collections etc etc.

But the budget, the deficit? Again without a budget (whether it is set at right limits is a different discussion), or taxes, there would be anarchy, looting etc. We would be back to bartering, which lets face it, didn’t work before (hence currency was established) and couldn’t work in a modern world.

Around 100 years ago women were fighting to be allowed to vote…

“They’re all in it for themselves!” Are we? Well as the majority of the people knocking on doors are voluntary and most of the people who enter politics take a pay cut to do so, that can’t be the case. There will always be the odd rotten egg, but they are discarded very quickly once discovered. They leave a bit of a smell for a while but as with rotten eggs, the smell soon fades.

Your Party was wrong to… (insert own criticism). All party’s get things wrong and get things right. If this were not the case we would not need elections, or different party’s, everyone would agree and live happy ever after. In reality we all want different things and have different priorities, hence different party’s and we all want politics that match our thoughts, whether that is thinking of others or ourselves, as some do.

I personally, believe in what the Liberal Democrats stand for and wholeheartedly agree with our preamble. How we achieve that is open to question, the Libdem Party is a broad church and covers a wide political spectrum. We cater for all, if only everyone could see it, but unfortunately some are not interested or don’t care, ingrained in their ways, or blinkered by perception and media.

Libdems open the floor at conference to let the membership decide on policy, unlike most other party’s.

Everyone should be given a fair chance and be free to make their own choices.

So what of the other Party’s…

I guess if I had to write a whole description, from my view of all party’s it would be too long, so here’s a few anecdotes:

What would the Tory’s have done if we weren’t in coalition? The headline that explains this best, apparently from David Cameron “I’d govern like a true Tory if it wasn’t for the Libdems”. We now hear they would cut deeper etc etc. The Tory controlled County Council locally, have spent money, with nothing to show, apart from failed OFSTED reports in the local schools. In an article in The Argus (Sussex) recently, the local Conservative PPC for Lewes called the Libdems campaign  negative because it pointed out that the facts the Tory’s used in their literature were wrong, which they admitted. That’s negative?

On the local doorstep, from people I have spoken to, Ed Miliband is a non starter, they just don’t see him as a credible leader. Labour try hard, but are not making the impression they would like. I still recall the interviews years ago with mining families stating they would always vote Labour because their families always had. Do wonder if that had changed with the demise of the mining towns, or do they remain partisan. We should never be ‘told’ how to vote, should we?

We hear from some on the doorstep that UKIP has the right idea, looking after Britain. Really? Nigel Farage does appear to say what some people want, to some it sounds good. In reality it could never work and being as his party are on the right of the Tory’s politically that probably wouldn’t appeal either. If we left Europe, who says they would still trade with us, how many UK citizens would lose their jobs etc. Thankfully the message on the doorstep is that not many buy it.

My view on Mr Farage is akin to the Pied Piper. He plays a good tune to the electorate, tells them what they want to hear, but as with the Pied Piper it can’t have a good ending for those that follow him, can it?

A brief mention for the Greens. I originally come from Brighton and know many people who still live there. I have yet to find someone who thinks they have done a good job. In fact a friend recently asked if there would be an ‘anything but green option’ on the voting slips.

My opinions are just that, but use your vote, use it wisely, but USE your vote, please.

I am standing for Liberal Democrats in the District, and Town, council elections, but my politics for those Councils is the same, I want everyone to have their say, everyone to have a fair chance and if elected will represent the whole District and Town in that vein. I am not ‘in it’ for the money, I live in an ex council house and just want to try and make a difference. I am one person, without a magic wand, but won’t give up trying…


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