Cover me, I’m going in…

Up until recently, as my blog title suggests, I have sat on the sidelines and observed, commented and followed the Lib Dems.

I have been a Party Member for the last few years and although I have been an activist, it has pretty much been from the safety of a keyboard and mouse. I have always had an interest in the community where I live, though in bygone days it was through youth football. In the last couple of years I have attended LD AGM’s and became local ward secretary, with little to do and what I did was still from the safety of my keyboard. Readers of my blog will recall I did venture out for Yes to AV and Police Crime Commissioner elections, but even then concentrated on web based campaigning. Recently I have joined the local residents association, took up the post of secretary and am now chairman.

The role of chairman has brought me out from behind my keyboard and meant that I met with actual people, face to face. I have been asked to look at community problems, ask questions and generally put my name ‘out there’ in the community.

This piqued my interest and after discussions with friends and local councillors, I have been persuaded (didn’t take much arm twisting, I must confess) that it is time I left the comfort of my keyboard and stood for Council.

Without going in to detail, as I write this, I am now a selected Liberal Democrat candidate for the District Council election in May 2015.

So though I will still very definitely need the keyboard, I am leaving the sidelines and will need a good pair of walking shoes instead!!


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