Why I vote Lib Dem!

I have always and will vote Lib Dem again. I believe you have to look beyond the policies to the core values, what we as a Party have as our principles, do you agree with the Libdem values?:

  • Do you want a fair, free and open society, with a balance of liberty, equality and community in which people within can help run?
  • Do you believe that no one should be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity?
  • Should all individuals have freedom, dignity and well-being, with freedom of conscience and the right to develop any or all of their talents?
  • Do you think that everyone is equal and power should be dispersed and creativity nurtured?
  • Do you believe that the state should give citizens the right to contribute fully to their communities and decisions which affect their lives?
  • Should the world live in peace and all have the same basic rights and be allowed to develop their own cultures?
  • Is it the responsibility of each generation to safeguard the balance of nature and environment for the benefit of future generations?
  • Do you agree that there should be no prejudice based on race, colour, religion, age, disability, sex and sexual orientation and everyone has the right to enjoy privacy in their lives?
  • Do you believe that for the benefit of social justice we should have human rights and open government?
  • Do you agree that government decisions should be made at the lowest practicable level, with fair voting systems?
  • Do you believe that sovereignty rests with the people and that authority in a democracy derives from the people?
  • Do you think we should fight poverty, oppression, hunger, ignorance, disease and aggression wherever they occur and to promote the free movement of ideas, people, goods and services?


That is why I vote Liberal Democrat and will continue to do so!!


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