The Instant Society

Is patience a thing of the past?

In all walks of life these days we seem to be more and more impatient. We turn on our computers and expect it to boot straight into a screen that we can click on and use, immediately. We go to the shop and expect to be served right away, how many people don’t look for the shortest checkout queue at a supermarket. If things go wrong with our homes we want a trade professional to drop out of the sky and fix it. If the TV doesn’t work, its the end of the world. If we have a toothache, headache etc. it can’t wait till Monday…

Need I go on.

Years ago shops shut one day a week, Sundays and some on Saturday afternoon. Did we go without food? Was there a repair company around the corner to fix every problem, or did we either do it ourselves or wait until things could be fixed? Cars used to have a very slow top speed (horses even slower), people still reached their destination.

Why have we become so reliant on other people, and become an instant society?

Is patience a learnt behaviour, or is it in the genes?

One thing is for sure, unless it is a life and death situation it CAN wait (in my case three weeks, family joke). It’s good that we strive to prevent situations from getting worse, but at what cost? There is always someone worse off, and sometimes to my detriment the LD in me gives them preference, I would rather wait…

In my mind there is too much me, me, me. One thing the flooding has taught us, is that there are people a lot worse off and a lot of people who are willing to go the extra mile to help. There is no them and us on the Somerset Levels, everyone is affected, the big house and the small, everyone is equal.

We all want everything, we all want it now, but sometimes…

Life is just too short…

(and as the saying goes patience is a virtue)


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