Sport – Why I think DC is wrong

As the Olympics comes to an end it risks being overshadowed, almost straight away, by politicians.

To carry on the legacy of the Olympics, I agree that sport should be promoted to the young, in established and rarer sports.

How this is done however is more a bone of contention. If you ‘force’ children to participate in P.E at school it will, categorically, NOT increase our medal count at future Olympics. In fact it would probably have the opposite effect and turn children away.

I agree that exercise is important and that it should be encouraged as part of a school curriculum, but that will not bring more athletes to the fore.

The best way forward is for schools, government et al, to encourage children to join sports clubs and groups to learn their sports properly. If the Government wants to increase young sport, it should channel the funds to those groups, who should be given time to run more taster sessions at schools to obtain interest.

This view comes from a personal experience.

Years ago I helped to run a youth football club (ages 7 to 16), we all took FA courses as part of our learning. I shouldn’t run down P.E teachers, but the teachers at the local schools frankly had an overview of all sports but were useless at coaching football (and not just in my opinion).

Another personal experience of how children can learn new sports was when one of my sons attended a hockey exhibition/taster session. He had never seen or tried hockey before. He loved it, took it up and had trials at county level. Something he never would have achieved through school.

So Mr Cameron, if you want to ‘do the right thing’ for an Olympic legacy, by all means promote sport but do it right, not as a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction.


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