There will always be a LibDem…

The local elections are over and the press are pushing the predictable diatribe of woe regarding political parties who didn’t fare so well, and giving plaudits to Party leaders whose input probably didn’t change anyone’s minds…

From a Lib Dem point of view, we remained on a 16% vote share, which although we lost seats, means our core vote is holding.

Everyone likes winning, but is that really the ‘be all and end all’?

Should we all follow the same political ideology?

No, of course not, otherwise we would all be herded in to two camps, or worst of all one.

Do all football supporters follow teams because they are top of the Premier League, or Scottish Premier League?

So thank you people of the press for pointing out that we didn’t do so well, but if you think that means I will change colour and support a Party who I don’t agree with, you are wrong.

I support the Libdems because they are closest to my political views, even if they are NOT top of the Premier League, and despite comments otherwise, we ARE making a difference.

There will always be a Liberal Democrat Party, for people just like me.


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