What would you say if boss asked for your Facebook password?

Would you give you’re boss your social media password?

An article in The Telegraph (Facebook passwords ‘fair game in job interviews’) today says we may have to.

While Lee Williams, an online retail worker from the Midlands, told The Telegraph that he was asked by his managing director for his Facebook login details, after his boss had looked him up on the social network and could not see any details about him as his privacy settings were locked down. The boss thought that Williams was hiding something by not having his profile publicly available.

…Ed Goodwyn, a partner in the employment team at Pinsent Masons, said that the legal situation was very different if a boss asked a current employee for their Facebook password while employed or continued to access their account post interview without telling them.

He said it would be “a breach of the implied duty of trust and confidence” between employer and employee…

Surely provided our posts don’t compromise work, what we write is our business!

Coming up next, giving your boss your bank account pin, so that he can check that too…?


One thought on “What would you say if boss asked for your Facebook password?

  1. I have my Facebook set to private for a reason. To stop someone who was stalking me online causing yet more trouble. If my employer wanted to try and demand my password to see what I was writing I would see them in hell first and use the swiftest action that I could to get them to back off!


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