I am not an Atheist, but I don’t believe in God ( or do I?)

Before I start getting comments from all sides, I should explain that this piece is based on an article in the Guardian.

Reading the article I get what he means.

So does not believing in a god make you an Atheist?

I am not going into who is right about God etc. or specifically targeting religion.

Like the author of the piece, I was brought up a Christian (not devout, but in the Christian faith). In my teens I became a member of the Methodist Church, but agnostic tendencies have caused my previous beliefs to lapse. That is to a certain extent irrelevant.

In my answer there are two points:

1. I may not now be a practising Christian, but I was brought up with Christian values and what I believe is not important as long as I use those values in everyday life.

2. The second point is more what the author was getting at. We should not be categorised, or labelled. Does it matter which faith, if any, we belong to? Does it matter what our ethnic background is? Does it matter what sexual persuasion we have? Does it even matter which political party we support? (okay going too far with that one!).

The answer has to be NO. We belong to the human race, we should all be equal. If I were in hospital, as in the article, I am quite capable of asking to see a priest, rabbi etc. should I so require. Surely putting people into ethnic/racial boxes only serves to cause a divide, not prevent it.

So whether I am an Atheist, or not, is my business.

In the paraphrased words of Dave Allen, Happy Christmas and may your God be with you.


One thought on “I am not an Atheist, but I don’t believe in God ( or do I?)

  1. thousand do not believe in God til some one dies be they old or young and the nessages on social network and endless bunches of flowers appear “sleep tight with Jesus” “safe in hte arms of Jesus” “Another star in Heaven” ” Goodnight God bless” and so it goes on . Strange how it suddenly becomes very useful!!!


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