Bad Press!!! my take on the corruption and phone hacking…

The press in this Country is politically motivated, or should that be the politics in this Country is media motivated?

Unless you are on the moon, everyone has read and heard about the collapse of NOTW and the apparent demise, in part, of News International.

A discussion I had on Twitter yesterday, basically pointed out that Rupert Murdoch was too big to be arrested. As far as I can understand, this is because he has too much “information” about the main political players in this Country.

Tim Farron is quoted as saying “I’m rather proud to be president of the only party that has never sucked up to or been backed by news international“.

Since yesterdays conversations, I have read various accounts on the NOTW situation. These vary from Labour trying to act as though they are whiter than white, even though Tony Blair apparently instigated a cover up under Gordon Brown’s leadership. From sources including the Mail on Sunday: 

Blair ‘tried’ to hush up hacking scandal as whistleblower MP told: ‘Rebekah Brooks will pursue you for the rest of your life‘.

or from New York Times:

For Years, the Tabloids’ Sting Kept British Politicians in Line

So, it appears that all political decisions, apart from those made by Liberal Democrats, were motivated (and probably still are) by keeping headline makers  onside. One has to wonder if LDs would be doing better in the polls if we did ‘suck up” to the press, though I for one agree with Tim Farron and are glad we don’t.

How many events in the past can we look back and ask how different it would be without press influence.

Just as we have a register for MPs conflict of interests, perhaps there should be a register of press interaction and conflict. For instance M.Ps attending Murdoch party’s etc.

However, it can’t just be NOTW that is culpable in the phone hacking. The phone numbers came from somewhere and were NOTW really the only newspaper to use eavesdropping to get stories?

Readers of my blogs will know that I have been promoting positive news, rather than doom and gloom. Now is the time for a whole new chapter in news reporting. There will always be political slant in the media, we won’t change that, but the time has to come where politicians make decisions that are good for the people, not just so they look good in front of the people, through the media. Threatening politicians to get a story and slanting policies is worse than the expenses scandal, in my opinion.

As for David Cameron’s appointment of Andy Coulson, though regrettable, I think that was clever. Who better to get an inside track on NOTW type press than an ex editor (friends close, enemies closer etc.).

Rupert Murdoch and the like cannot and should not be above the law (as was suggested in my conversation yesterday). M.P’s such as Tom Watson, Claire Short etc. should not be threatened. Although we don’t need a police state, free press should be just that, free to report, free from corruption.

People I speak to really do not want to know who is sleeping with who, they just want an account of happenings, proper news. If sleaze sells papers, that just shows how low this Country has sunk.

For those who think get real… I’m a Liberal Democrat!!


3 thoughts on “Bad Press!!! my take on the corruption and phone hacking…

  1. Wonderful. Completely and utterly correct, as always. The shaping of politics by a so-called free media is fascinating.
    I still think when Brooks goes she will take many with her. Firebomb.


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