Absent parents and facing responsibility…

Today in the news, on Fathers Day, David Cameron has sought to speak out about absent fathers by likening them to drink-drivers.

BBC News “Writing in the Sunday Telegraph to mark Father’s Day, he said it was not acceptable for single mothers to be left to bring children up on their own.”

There are several points I would like to make on this…

  • It is not ONLY absent fathers, but mothers go absent too.
  • The point about absent fathers (parents) should not be tied in any way to the Tory manifesto policy of tax benefits to married couples. This would disadvantage many people through no fault of their own, including those couples who have drifted apart, including where the absent parent does still provide for children.
  • Having had experience in my family of a parent going AWOL and not providing for their offspring and leaving them short of money to cater for child(ren) and seeing the hurt and pain this causes, not least for the children, I can quite understand David Cameron’s initial comment.

So by all means ensure that absent parents, who seek to disappear and shirk responsibility, face up to that in a proper and just way, but do NOT align this as a reason for forcing couples to marry and stay together for tax reasons as that is just wrong.


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