The wrong face of politics

As a democracy, whether we agree with their policies and views, or not, the Country needs politicians, at a national and local level.

It is true they need to be accountable to the people they represent and be good and honest in that charge (i.e representing their electorate’s interests).

There are, as I know not least from Twitter line, a lot of young people still joining the political arena, but you do have to wonder why?

Comments I heard first hand during the AV street stalls included:

“politics? not interested mate, they’re all corrupt”

A vast majority had not heard, nor did care, what we were doing, not because it was AV, but because it was politics!

For politics to work, especially the ‘Big Society’ it needs people to buy into it, to want to help, to want to be part of their community and the running thereof.

The average turnout at the last General Election last year was around 65%, that means around 15 million people didn’t use their vote.

So why aren’t people, or won’t people, be interested in politics?

  • Someone else’s problem, got enough of my own problems thank you.
  • I don’t care who runs things as long as I have my family, a home and a job.
  • Perception that all politicians are crooks and/or of questionable fidelity.
  • etc

How many of the 45 million eligible to vote in this Country could actually tell you what politicians in every tier of politics, or even their M.P do?
The answer, I guess would be very very few.

So how does the public view politicians?

What the public sees day in, day out is news of alleged corruption. They don’t see what is actually happening to the Country and are certainly not encouraged to be a part of it. Why would you, if as soon as your name becomes prominent mud is going to be dug up, even stuff that has been buried for years?

I am not condoning any illegal practices or adulterous acts, or the expenses fiasco, but surely the face of politics needs to be just that, politics. There are very many good people in politics, local and National (and European) that do a lot of good for their constituency, ward, county etc. whose electorate would not recognise if they passed them in the street.

It is time for politicians to reconnect with their electorate, time for electorate to want to know what, and how, their politician, at whatever level, can help them and their family and their home and their job.

But that is NOT going to happen if the ONLY face of politics the public sees is the wrong one smeared all over the media!!


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