The 5th May is coming!!!! – time to say YES

“The other clue as to the interests of the No campaign lies in the feebleness of the arguments against the alternative vote. It is “too complicated”, they say, as if counting to six or seven, or even ordering six preferences, were beyond the capacity of the average voter. It is an alien system, they say, as if Australia were on Planet Gallifrey. It would give more than one vote to the supporters of minority parties, they say, as if people were unfamiliar with the idea of an eliminating ballot in which each voter is equal in each round.

We, the people, should not stand for these insults to our intelligence. Vote Yes for a modest improvement to our democracy on Thursday, that will give us more control, more choice, more of a say. And make it the last time that you vote with an X.”

(Independent on Sunday 1st May 2011)


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