If you were adopting a child, would ethnicity play a part?

According to today’s headline on the Times website the Government is to change the Colour bar lifted for mixed-race adoptions (paywall) and in the Telegraph White couples must be allowed to adopt ethnic children, new guidance says,  a welcome decision in my view.

The fact that this was the case in the first place is ludicrous. How can we try to have a mixed society where cross ethnicity etc. are accepted if we use colour and ethnic origin as reason to prohibit adoption?

Current advice states only that social workers must give “due consideration to the child’s religious persuasion, racial origin and cultural and linguistic background”

We are not just talking about ethnicity though this Country now comprises of, more than ever, different ethnic variants and it will always be true that there will be differences in opinions on education, religion even language. But…

What about the children in the middle of this?

The new document warns social workers not to delay for a few months placing a child with a suitable family of a different ethnicity. Ethnic minority children wait three times longer on average than white children to be placed with an adoptive family, and in many cases they are not adopted at all.

How can this have been the case for so long?

Yes the placement has to be right for the child and the adoptive parents but surely that has to be their choice not the authorities?

The fact that that an ethnic minority child might not be adopted because of the colour of their skin etc. due to guidelines is tragic in the least.


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