Does the present crb check mean vulnerable people are safer?

Once again I find myself saying I agree with Nick.

Today Nick Clegg said:

“Of course we need checks on those people who are working regularly with children and vulnerable adults but not everybody who is volunteering, often on an irregular basis, simply trying to help out. We want to get it into proportion.”

At present we have the crb check system for anyone coming into contact with children. The following are the facts against as I see them:

  • The crb check is a snapshot at the time of issue. It does not guarantee that the holder is safe to work with children, just that they have no criminal convictions. As far as I know there is no way to rescind it, so if someone offends after issue they still have a certificate.
  • Someone in the past (but not too long that record has been removed from their record) could have got a record for petty theft or being drunk etc. But since then has started a family or changed their lifestyle. But they would be refused a crb because of that misdemeanour. Does that mean they shouldn’t work with children?
  • In my work I have to work in schools etc. I have never been asked if I have a crb certificate or asked to produce it (I have got one by the way), so what is the point of me having one?

Having run a youth football club in the past I know only too well the need for parental help and the risks that can bring with it.

I have to conclude though that Nick Clegg’s statement is right, but the crb certificate is not worth the paper it’s written on in it’s present form.

p.s Anyone who does abuse children deserves to be dealt with severely.



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