Lib Dem Party will survive…

If a tree has a rotten branch, you don’t cut down the whole tree. If it badly damaged but still alive, you cut it back and it will grow again, with new stronger branches.

The Coalition’s policies, a lot of which are Lib Dem led, are multiple and widespread, like the branches of a tree.

The tuition fee fiasco may have been equivalent to that rotten branch, it doesn’t mean you cull the whole of the Liberal Democrat Party!!

A portion of the tree may have died, the whole tree didn’t!!!

(Am still proud to be a Lib Dem…)



7 thoughts on “Lib Dem Party will survive…

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  4. You say rotten, I think with Clegg Cable it’s more to do with being ill, and when a tree is ill pruning is the only salvation.

    But in the end unless the Liberals either come out and tell us where it’s going and what it will do, then sadly the Liberasl will join the coalition Tories and disappear


    1. I don’t agree.

      I have stated many times, in many posts that the mistake people make is that they confuse Lib Dem aims with Coalition Govt. Many of the policies in the Lib Dem GE10 manifesto will come to fruition, at least in part, because of our participation in the Coalition. The fact that Nick and Vince are Ministers in that Govt mean they must follow the Coalition Agreement. There are many policies not yet announced, the term is 5 years, not 6 months.

      The time to judge will be in around 4 years time, not now. That is when the dead wood should be trimmed!

      If you think that Liberal Democrats will disappear into the Tory Party, you don’t understand the Lib Dem Party… just won’t happen.

      I am NOT a Tory, never will be. But agree with aims of Coalition where they cross policy.


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