The Question of Eric (from a neutral point of view)

As usual, I am not acting as judge and jury, in my blog, but putting forward questions and thoughts…

Yesterday, although, from lack of press coverage you may have missed it, Eric Joyce resigned from the Opposition post of Shadow Northern Ireland Minister.

Apparently this was, as reported by BBC, after being banned from driving for a year and fined £400 for failing to provide a breath test. This was hidden away on BBC website under heading:

Labour MP is banned from driving

No mention of resignation in headline then?

This led me to search for the story online, instead I came upon this Mail article from 16th November 2010:

Middle class voters are liars and hypocrites says top Labour MP in astonishing rant

It was mainly an attack on middle class, but sort of asks other questions.

Parts of the article:

“A Labour frontbencher has launched an astonishing attack on middle-class voters, branding them liars, racists, drunkards and even paedophiles…”

“…Mr Joyce said: ‘Here’s the truth. It’s hard to lie as a politician because everything we say is subject to enormous scrutiny…”

“…‘Yet again, it calls Ed Miliband’s judgment into question. Only a few weeks ago he appointed Eric Joyce to Labour’s front bench.’

Mr Joyce accused parents of condemning drug use among the young while drinking heavily themselves.

‘Alcohol does immeasurably more societal and personal damage than ecstasy; but it’s available on tap,literally, while ecstasy’s an A-class drug,’ he wrote.

Outraged: Tory Party chairman Michael Fallon described Mr Joyce’s comments as an ‘extraordinary online rant’

‘Many people support “the war on drugs” knowing that … it’s completely ineffectual, while doing their own impressive bit for the Treasury down at the pub…”

“…Sources close to the Opposition leader revealed that Mr Joyce will be disciplined by party whips…”

“…A chastened Mr Joyce sought to backtrack last night. He said: ‘I was simply saying that issues are not always as straightforward as they seem. I have the highest respect for the public and I would never insult voters.’

This was obviously only part of the article, but in my mind is strange, coming days before his resignation,  was he pushed by the Party  Whips?

The only other reports I found were Shamed Joyce Quits (Mirror) and Miliband suffers his first resignation

I still find it strange that the media have no interest in this.

p.s – See also Spiderplant’s views on this… Why does Eric Joyce think he is any better than anyone else?


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