London Fire Brigade strike – an analogy

I’m sure we’ve all seen this kind of scene at the movies.

A ‘game’ of chicken…

The engines are running, roaring, the noise deafening, two cars are facing each other, one with Union written boldly across the bonnet, the other with Management emblazoned on it’s roof. Both revving up on either end of The Mall. The date 25th October 2010.

Half way down the road we can see children with sparklers, watching fireworks, having fun, their parents partying. The bonfire, an annual spectacle, what fun. The date 5th November 2010.

We see onlookers from the sidelines, they’re all there, the press, the public, standing, watching, unable to intervene, horrified at the carnage that could follow.

Still the engines rev and make noise, they screech away, everyone can hear them, they want everyone to hear them, leaving rubber marks for all to see.

As they skid away towards each other, racing head on, regardless of the consequences, the children and party-folk oblivious of the oncoming cars.

The public and press looking on shriek and make lots of noise, hoping that they will hear and see sense in time and stop this horrendous head to head, they realise that it is no longer a game and that innocent people’s lives could be at risk, not sure who is the good guy, but looking helplessly from the sidelines.

Who will pull out first, who will be the chicken, neither side wants to lose, will they just plough into the innocent folk, unaware of the oncoming cars, will they meet head-on, destroying all in their wake?

Guess we shall have to wait and see…


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