Post Conference Ramble

So the main Party conferences have finished, we now know who does what in the Shadow Cabinet and political life can return to ‘normal’.

Whether it was a brave, or foolhardy move to keep Ed Balls  and Yvette Cooper away from the Shadow Treasury will no doubt be borne out in time. Although, Alan Johnson really should know better than to give script-writers manna by saying to the BBC his first job would be to “pick up a primer in economics for beginners”.

Although the appointment that was more poignant for me was moving Andy Burnham from Shadow Health to Shadow Education. Taking Andy away from his apparent ‘pet’ department (every husting I saw in Labour leadership contest he was championing his work in health), to shadow Michael Gove. A move which I feel could be very interesting in months to come.

We are now counting down to the Chancellor’s announcements on Oct 20th. I’m sure between now and then, there will be various commentators rubbishing statements that have yet to be made.

There was obviously the Child Benefit announcement at the Tory Conference too. One which I agree with in principle, but that’s as far as this blog’s comments go.

Today on BBC website there was a headline that read Disabled people face ‘£9bn cuts’. When you actually read the story it says

“Disabled people will be hit with more than £9bn in welfare cuts over the next five years, a think tank has warned.

Demos suggests the government’s plans will see 3.6m disabled people and carers lose about £9.2bn by 2015.

…Former Labour minister Kitty Ussher, director of Demos, said the government’s welfare reforms threatened to “exclude people further”

I’m sure there will be more of this, but we shall just have to wait and see.

Also in the news is an article about a dinner lady giving a child a biscuit was told it could be grooming. This really is an example of over-zealousness.

Finally please check out, with guest blogs, including one from @ArnieETC of Ben and Arnie’s Political Podcast. I would like a lot more positive guest blogs, if you can help please email me.


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