And the winner is… democracy?

So now we have… a new Labour leader ( no, not New Labour, new Labour Leader) they’re different, you know and not lurching to the left.

He seems to be the Coalition’s choice too, judging by the mirth being had on Twitter,

It is amazing how quickly tags stick, Ed Miliband has already got the tag Red-Ed which as much as he tries to shake, will unfortunately stick.

The way he was elected can and will be analysed, scrutinised etc. to distraction. However they publish the resulting analysis won’t change a thing, for these reasons:

  1. Ed Miliband was elected using Labour’s Leadership election rules (whether or not you agree with them is irrelevant)
  2. The initial conclusion was that it was the Union members votes in the fourth round that gave him the leadership. This ‘initial’ view is the one that will stick.
  3. Labour will rally round and tell us all that they are behind their leader (awaits statement in press from Lord Mandelson).

We now await for next weekends shadow cabinet election. Again, it seems a bit bizarre to me that Labour’s Shadow Cabinet personnel is chosen for the Leader, but that’s their rules. Queue more press interrogation!!

I must say that it will be good to actually have an opposition party again, rather than a mix of gainsay politics and the media. To a certain extent I wish Ed Miliband well in his new position. He is certainly going to need it. On the Labour side he has to unite (if you’ll excuse the union pun) his Party, and from EVERY side he has to battle with comments that he is the Union’s man, in fact I bet he’ll wish he had a pound for every time he hears it.

So who is the winner in this Labour Leadership race?

I for one hope it is democracy!!

p.s It was mildly amusing that Nick Robinson had egg on his face over the Leadership prediction during the proceedings. Does this mean his summations against the Lib Dem’s were wrong too? – thought so…


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