Education for the poor, from the Coalition…

Yet again I have to report another article from the Times, New rules to give poor children priority.

Today’s it is reported that:

“Poor children could be given precedence over pupils from middle class homes under changes to school admissions rules being considered by the Government.

Is this the same Michael Gove who was criticised by Ed Balls and co. for favouring the middle classes?

So, it appears there will be hope for the ‘poor’ places that it has been rumoured would be out of reach.

“A source close to Mr Gove said: “As part of our commitment to helping every child do better we’re introducing a pupil premium – which will mean more cash for the poorest children in all our schools. And we’re exploring how schools which wish to target their efforts on helping the poorest can be helped.””

No doubt there will be those that say he doesn’t mean it, but as I was told on Twitter last night, in a conversation on a different subject “…pick up a copy of the Times or Telegraph…”, I did and this is what I found!!!


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