How NOT to protest about cuts!!

What is it with all the scare-mongering at the moment?

We are all more than aware that cuts have to be made and the deficit reduced. When that should happen is up for debate, but cuts have to be made, whichever Party you support.

Is it right that the Police Federation should tell us that Christmas is for criminals if cuts go ahead, that a campaign for NHS Direct should be waged (wrongly…), the BBC commissioning a report that highlights the poorest areas, the furore  around the schools building plan scrapped.

I am sure there is no right answer to where cuts can be made, someone, somewhere is sure to lose out, but without cuts the Country’s finances would be in shreds. Then U turns being triumphed even though the decisions weren’t policies at all.

Surely the case should be made through proper channels (like Twitter – joking!!) rather than aired through the press, who are lapping it all up to give the Coalition a good kicking, they think.

In our democracy everyone has the right to protest but is scare-mongering  the right way?

I think not!!


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