The future of Gordon Brown MP (in my opinion)

I have to state from the outset that this is my view and is not in any way an official account from ANY political party.

In a week that has seen the release of Tony Blair’s Journey which criticised Gordon Brown and the subsequent press release from Mr Brown of his intentions to do charitable work for no profit, a move which has widely been seen as a retort to the profitable exploits of Tony Blair, I feel I have to question the parliamentary future of Gordon Brown.

From his statement which I have used the Guardian’s account:

He confirmed he had spent the summer finalising his book on global economic affairs and visiting local schools, businesses and charities.

He announced three new appointments: as convenor of the Global Campaign for Education working with Queen Rania of Jordan, working on a new programme to bring the internet to Africa and joining the board of Tim Berners Lee’s World Wide Web Foundation.

The statement said: “Each of these positions are pro bono and Mr Brown will not accept any remuneration.

This is apparently to be funded by lecturing on the U.S circuit.

Since the Coalition Government took office, Gordon Brown has attended parliament once, to my knowledge. Today it was published in the Mail that he will be attending parliament on Monday for vote on election referendum, the cynic in me says this has a lot to do with the Labour whip, which is suggested in the article.

Going a little further back, in his statement of 10th May 2010, when he announced his resignation as Leader of the Labour Party. He stated:

I therefore intend to ask the Labour Party to set in train the processes needed for its own leadership election. I would hope that it would be completed in time for the new leader to be in post by the time of the Labour Party conference. I will play no part in that contest, I will back no individual candidate.

It was reported that he would stay as caretaker Leader during the intervening period, which was later retracted.

I am not doubting the character of Gordon Brown, neither am I doubting his principles. I have no doubt that he will support the Labour Party in whichever guise it takes and whoever becomes the new Leader.

I have doubts, though, that he can carry out the charity work, writing his memoirs, paid lectures (to fund charity work) and still have time, and energy, to attend parliament to represent his constituency effectively, as well as constituency work. I know that he has a strong constituency group that can fill the void to some extent, as they have during his tenancy as Prime Minister.

In my opinion, taking into account he is a very proud man, he won’t feel comfortable on the back benches and he will regret not being able to give sufficient time to his constituents that he would feel they deserve. I also think it is very honourable that he has decided to work for charitable causes, for no financial gain.

Given the information in the articles etc. above, it would not surprise me if Gordon Brown was to announce his resignation from his seat in parliament at the Labour Party conference this month.  I am not stating that he should, that is a matter for him personally.


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