Is Labour let down by those books?

Today, in case you have been on the moon, Tony Blair’s memoir/book was published. There has been a lot of talk around it, although as of yet I haven’t read (whether I ever will is up for debate).

The talk appears to question the abilities of Gordon Brown, UK economic situation, fox hunting, freedom of information etc.

Last month Peter Mandelson released his book which also made charges against the previous Labour Government.

These books appear to call into question, in my mind, how much we can rely on the ‘reputation’ of what we were told during their administration and those who are still active in the Labour Party who were part of the set-up at that time.

I once had a conversation on Twitter and asked a question “shouldn’t politicians believe in the policies their party’s are promoting?”. The answer I was given was not necessarily, only if they are in the Cabinet.

With the published revelations, I have to doubt this was the case over the last few years.

Whether the two books in question give the correct facts, or not, will be hotly disputed I’m sure, but given the sources…

Surely there has to be trust, that the elected body charged with ‘managing’ the Country is in a fit state to do so and will to the best of their ability. We should not be told years later that things had been contrived and that decisions taken were not whole heatedly believed to be the best course.

If revelations are about politicians personal lives I just don’t want to know. However when the revelations could affect mine and my peers day to day life, I think we have a right to be appalled.

The future Labour Part, the newly elected leader is now going to have an even harder job to convince the public that they are good and true, especially as the majority of candidates were involved in the Brown Government.

This should be of no surprise, I guess. I previously read Robin Cook’s The Point of Departure: Diaries from the Front Bench which gave a different view from the Government line.

I welcome an effective Opposition Party with proper debate, rather than gainsay, but will I ever believe a word they say?

Frankly I doubt it!!


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