Silly Season Abound – Ed Mili to Lib-Dem’s et al

There really is not much to blog about at the moment…

On a sad note, for me and I guess quite a few others, Mark Thompson has decided to discontinue his blog (Mark Reckons) for personal reasons. May I take this opportunity of thanking Mark for the inspiration his blogs gave me personally and send Mark best wishes in his ongoing commitments and the hope he continues with House of Comments podcasts. Your blog WILL be sorely missed.

The Labour Party is, apparently, broke. According to John Prescott anyway. They’re also losing members. A fact which seems to decry their claims that hordes of Liberal Democrat’s were defecting to Labour. Does this mean we should be screaming liar liar!!

Charles Kennedy has been an apparent deflection, or defection, candidate, depending which papers you read. Sad really that he should be used in that way, especially as he is splitting from his wife.

Nick Clegg is “holding the fort” whilst David Cameron is in Cornwall.

Harriet Harman, must be on holiday, due to the fact that nobody has heard or seen her for a while.

The Labour Leadership campaigners rear their heads occasionally, in fact today David Miliband actually admitted in a Telegraph article that they needed to take opposition seriously and appeal to Middle England, at last a Labour politician accepting the gravity of their position, rather than playing gainsay politics.

Still the media is trying to drive a wedge in the Coalition, by mis-quoting, specifically Simon Hughes, this week, something I am told should be taken as a complement.

Of course this is all the calm before the storm, come the conference season, battle will commence once more.

Just to highlight how quiet is the political scene, Ed Miliband was the top conversation last night with the hint that he may defect to the Lib Dem’s. (tongue planted firmly in cheek).

And just to prove coalition is the politics of the future, the Australians now have a hung parliament too!!!

(on the bright side, it was my birthday yesterday and I now have a copy of the Orange Book, and I won’t be afraid to use it LOL)


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