The stance of a LibDem supporter (not an activist)

For those who wonder if the Coalition are ‘doing the right thing’.

It seems to be a Labour argument, at present, that the Libdems have sold their souls to the devil, reneged on pre-election promises and are part of a Coalition which will lead us in to oblivion.

They get upset if you mention the last 13 years, although to give credit, many do own that they have had problems and made mistakes.

To the statement that Darling was planning/wanted to raise VAT and make cuts, the usual answer is that this would have been done after recovery by spending had had a chance to take effect.

Whether you believe that the Labour angle is correct or not, we shall never know.

My answer is clear (to me anyway):

The Coalition is ONLY 3 months old. Nick Clegg (and other senior Liberal Democrats) negotiated the deal to take us into coalition. I supported Nick Clegg during the election campaign and still do. What is the point of putting faith in a leader only to walk away after 3 months, which is OBVIOUSLY too short a time to make judgements on his leadership (within the coalition).

The Coalition has decided to support the current budget, in response to debts. As supporters of the coalition we have to believe that is the right course, time will tell if that is right or not. Therefore Nick Clegg and thus the Coalition has my support AND TRUST.

To the comment on broken election promises, I just say that we are not solely in government, we are in Coalition, nobody got everything. I feel much safer knowing Lib Dems are there to temper Tory policies.

Yes there will be fractions from both coalition party’s that don’t agree, this only makes democracy stronger.

Whereas Labourites will disagree with me, I respect their views and would expect them to take the same stance, and trust, should their Leader, whoever he/she make such decisions. It is therefore their job as Opposition to question decisions taken.

Please don’t get heated or abusive as this solves nothing, we can discuss but don’t expect me to change my opinion or agree, because it just won’t happen.

We shall just have to agree to disagree.

Thank you.


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