Those 5 days, so what is “Normal” Nick?…

I have just sat through Nick Robinson’s 5 Day programme, which I found was very interesting and gave an insight to ‘behind the scenes’ during the forming of the Coalition Government.

Certain questions have, inevitably, been raised, I like many others, I suspect, heard and saw a lots of rhetoric  during the course of the programme.

Some of these things may have been raised on Twitter, I have to admit not following tweets, for fear of spoiling the programme, which as intended I have watched at a later date. Here are a few, that I picked up on:

  • It was mentioned that Labour never planned for a coalition and therefore never prepared a script for it. How, the press, and the polls, leading up to the election muted that it was a possible outcome. Was that ignorance on Labour’s part, or were they ‘cocksure’ that a script wouldn’t be needed, in the event of a hung parliament, as the Lib Dem’s would fall in with them any way, or that they were going to win, so it didn’t matter?
  • Gordon Brown seemed to insist in doing all the talking and ground-setting and highlighting ‘how it would be’ in his phone conversation with Nick Clegg, we are led to believe, which Nick did little to deny. Did that not set the tone for how a Lab/LibDem coalition would be, something I think any right minded politico on this planet would avoid, if they were in Nick Clegg’s position?
  • It was interesting to hear the Labour spokesmen in the programme, but am I right in the impression that Lord Mandelson was the only one who has actually come to terms with the events, as they happened?
  • When Nick Clegg spoke to Gordon Brown, Ed Balls stated they all picked up phones and listened in. Was Nick aware of this, was this supposed to be a private conversation, if not were the Lib Dems doing the same?
  • Finally, Nick Robinson at the end of the programme, in his summing up, said that at if this Coalition broke up, would we get back to “NORMAL” politics. So what are ‘normal’ politics, could not minority government be the new norm, or does he mean ‘traditional’ two party politics as in the last century, I ask again, what is NORMAL?

Whether it was the press influence at the time, it’s hard to tell, but this programme did nothing to dispel my thoughts, that Labour were never really serious about a coalition, they just wanted the Lib Dem’s ‘in their camp’ to make up the numbers and keep Labour in power and in Gordon Brown’s mind (initially) to keep him as P.M.

One thing that the programme did show me, was that it was less clear cut than I ever thought. Nevertheless, I am still confident that the Coalition of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats was right for the Country and that I Still Agree With Nick (Clegg).


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