Wedding of the Year!!

Saturday 17th July 2010

After months of hard work and planning, THE event of this year took place. Well the event of the year to us, as a family anyway.

My Step-daughter’s wedding…

As I only have two sons, by my first marriage, walking a daughter down the aisle is not something I ever imagined doing. I have to say it was a great honour and was a very proud moment.

My thoughts are to write this blog as a ‘blow by blow’ account of the wedding, but I guess it would much describe most wedding days and ceremonies, so instead I would like to use this space to mention all those who played a part in making the day great, as my impromptu speech seemed inapt in this accord.

Firstly, Rachel and Aaron the bride and Groom, without whom, I guess the wedding would never have taken place!

My wife, Eileen, for making the wonderful wedding dress and three bridesmaid dresses. As well as other input…

Mathew, the Best Man

Tara (and Jake) for the reading…

Steven for being a great Usher and choreographer!!

Robin for stepping in at the last minute to take the photographs at the ceremony.

Tillie for the video…

Lisa for help with the reception venue

Dawn for the wonderful cake

Shaun and Tillie for organising the honeymoon retreat

The girls and the boys, Jess, Ellie, Cassie, Nick, Jason, Andy and Libbie, for behaving impeccably on the day and helping to make the day special.


the dreaded anyone else who I have forgotten with apologies in advance…


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