Shut the F*** up

It really is time to end “Aunt Sally” media reports and stop throwing that bloody wet sponge…

Be it the state of the world, militarily, financially, climate etc. or the state of this Country, what the Government is, or isn’t doing, this Country’s finances etc.

It’s all doom and gloom…

The media at the moment, reminds me of the old guy that used to stand outside our local supermarket, when I was a kid, with his “The end of the World is Nigh” sandwich board.

It seems to me that for every ‘positive’ story there are dozens of negative ones. If you’re going to tell us a bad story, show me a positive angle too, if you’re going to tell me about a Government policy, either:

  • Just tell me the facts – without comment
  • Show the negative comment, but also give me the positive side (Governments don’t make laws just to p*** people off)

Yes the Nation’s finances are a mess, we could argue all night if that’s a world fault or Labour’s. It won’t change it. Yes there is turmoil in the World, especially in the Middle East, Yes the Eurozone are struggling, Yes the Gulf of Mexico is full of oil etc. etc. etc.

But can we have some positive news please and stop this negative crap, stop knocking the Coalition (if after 13 years in power it’s a lame duck. then feel free to criticise).

N.B As I write the BBC are announcing a hose-pipe ban, something we had, without adverse effects, for years when I lived in Sussex.

In the words of Fraser from Dad’s Army “We’re Doomed!!!” (except we’re NOT so stop telling us we are!!!)


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