Tell it like it is…

I have always been led to believe that everything published or broadcast as news in the media has a modicum of truth albeit with a political slant.

But if that political slant goes too far, does it then cease to be a true story. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find media that gives a true reflection of the facts, without too much political bias.

When I read an article in a newspaper, I am looking the facts, I don’t want to know that the author thinks its bad, could have ramifications or is not in my interest. To a certain extent that is telling me that I am simple and incapable of forming my own opinion.

I also want to be told all the facts, not just the bit taken out of context to make things look bad (note it always makes things look bad, never good).

I know, and comments will say, that it has always been like that, is that an excuse to intensify that vein of reporting?

I think you will agree that we are living in the present (sort of no brainer  that one) but the media are digging out old clips, articles and footage of events years ago and referencing them to today’s situations. For instance, the coverage of anything to do with Ken Clarke. Ken has been in the House of Commons a long time (hope he won’t mind me referencing that) and by definition that means there is a lot of ‘historical’ media involving his political views and actions. Should we drag out things he said and done in the Thatcher years, when he is trying to form policies for the current Government, are we living in the eighties? Is the world today the same as it was in the eighties? The answer is obviously no, so why drag up the old statements and hit him with them.

We all change our views on situations, maybe slightly, maybe totally, but those views are made on the situation we face at that time. I want to know what politicians are doing to improve, in their opinion, the world I live in now, yes give me the facts, yes give me a best case, worst case scenario, but let me make my mind up whether politicians are right, or wrong.


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