Can the real Public Sector please stand up…

It’s strange how some stories catch your eye …

Yesterday on Twitter, I had a discussion about Public Sector Workers pay versus Private Sector pay. The discussion was mainly around pay rises (or lack of) and how Private Sector pay has been cut back or parred away for the last couple of years, or even forced to take a reduction in wages to keep jobs, whereas Public Sector pay has been upheld, albeit as a cost of living rise. Also mentioned was how nurses, teachers and fire-fighters were probably worth more than they are paid for the jobs they do. Working in the Private Sector, I put the case that the Public Sector was merely coming in line with the Private Sector.

The pre-curser for this was obviously the Emergency Budget announcement that Public Sector pay was to be frozen for two years.

In The Mail online today, is an article, The Great Inertia Sector: A whistleblower’s account of council work where staff pull six-month sickies, which for me over-rides yesterdays discussion and one which I think should disgust the said nurses, teachers and fire-fighters. In my opinion it is the callousness of the department featured in the article which highlights why the Public Sector should be shaken up and how money can be saved. I have copied a few paragraphs but if you read the article in full, you will see no comment from me is necessary, it just speaks for itself!!!

“Doreen must be the unluckiest woman in the country.

In the past year and a half she claims she has: fallen victim to frostbite; been hit by a car; and accidentally set herself on fire.

But she’s really pulled out all the stops with her latest excuse: witchcraft. That’s right, Doreen believes somebody in Nigeria has cast a spell on her and that it would be unprofessional of her to attempt to do the job she is paid £56k a year for while under the influence of the spell.

She has already been off for four months on full pay. I’ve no idea how long this spell lasts, but my guessing would be six months to the day  –  the exact amount of time council employees can take off on full pay before their money is reduced.

But having just eight weeks of full pay left won’t be a problem for Doreen and the rest of the council’s sickly staff  –  they’ll simply return to work when the six months is up, put in a day or two’s work and then go off sick for another six months on full pay again. Easy.”

There was also an article in The Guardian, Public sector must not collude in cuts, commenting on the Government asking Public Sector workers to identify where cuts could be made, highlighting that it was like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas. At first I was against this article but having read the article above, can you see this department highlighting itself?

So if or when Public Sector workers (teachers, nurses, Fire-fighters etc.) decide to stand-up against the pay freeze, through the Unions, remember this story, it’s probably not an isolated case.


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