Why so negative…?

Over the years I have learnt that if you have a negative attitude to things, they tend to get worse, tend to go wrong and for some apparent reason never seem to go right. It is much better to be positive, see the best in a situation, even if it appears to be bad and lift yourself out of the doldrums.

With this in mind I am worried about this Countries attitude to everything at the moment.

The press seem to relish in it… doom, gloom, bad spin etc. but it’s not!!

  • The Budget – Had to be painful, we were forewarned, could have been worse, could have been better, but wasn’t unexpected. Seems if you look at press coverage to be all the Lib Dem’s fault.
  • The National football team – Not great, did what they had to do and we have progressed further than France and Italy!!
  • Liberal Democrats – Have had to go against some of Election promises, but are in government and in a position to push through some of their promises and temper the Conservatives and keep them in check.

The spin that has been put on everything would make you think we are in a very dark age. The poor are doomed, nobody cares (the tweets arguing for them decries that). It needs to stop and quick.

Things are done for a reason and we have to believe they are for our benefit, nobody purposely goes out of their way to make us suffer, so why is it portrayed as so. We should be able to see both sides of an argument and be allowed to make our own minds up.

I am still positive about the actions of Nick Clegg and his colleagues and am glad they are part of the Government Coalition and long may it continue, he gets my support as I believe they are doing the best they can for my vote for them at the last election.

The only way the media will change is if they realise that the rubbish they are serving up is NOT what the public want.

England can still win the World Cup, Murray may win Wimbledon, UK will pay off the deficit and New Politics will succeed!!

I am proud to be British, proud we have democracy and nobody can take that away!!!!!


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