The Coalition Budget

I should state that from my point of view, the budget doesn’t appear to have changed my financial position (yes I know the devil is in the detail, and wait and see etc.), but I can understand this is not the case for everyone.

It was great to see a Liberal Democrat influence in yesterdays budget. For instance the change to the tax threshold and CGT.

I can understand the frustration of some Lib Dem members, that some parts of this budget were not what they canvassed for, on the doorstep. The VAT rise, for example. But this is not a wholly Lib Dem Government, it is a coalition. I am sure the Conservative members, to a certain extent, feel the same. There are always going to be things in the legislation that both sides disagree on.

There was a nice post, on twitter, from Tim Montgomerie on this, which I think shows a coalition in action and working, “Feeling among CGT rebels I’ve been speaking to this evening is that compromise is ok, if clearly not ideal”

I voted for a Liberal Democrat Government and through twists of fate, to a certain extent, that is what I got. Certainly more than I could have realistically expected.

However as it is a coalition, there has to be give and take on both sides. It will come as no surprise, being a David Laws supporter, that I am willing to follow the Lib Dem leadership on this.

It is right that backbench MP’s from both parties should hold the Government to account and preserve the identities of BOTH parties. It would be a sad day for democracy if they all towed the line.

One thing is for sure, if we weren’t in a coalition, the Budget would almost certainly been different to the one published yesterday, so a little of something is better than nothing.


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