Should we deny ‘public figures’ leisure time?

In the news at present, as per my last blog, one can’t helped but noticed the BP disaster.

Since my last blog, it has been quoted that Tony Hayward was handing over day to day management of the response to BP managing director Bob Dudley and that Tony Hayward was quoted as saying he “wanted his life back”.

Now stories are emerging that Tony Hayward attended a yacht race…  BBC article, NY Times Article. I quote from part of the NY Times

“On Saturday, Senator Richard Shelby, Republican of Alabama, called Mr. Hayward’s yacht outing the “height of arrogance,” in an interview with Fox News.
“I can tell you that yacht ought to be here skimming and cleaning up a lot of the oil,” Mr. Shelby said. “He ought to be down here seeing what is really going on. Not in a cocoon somewhere.””

So he’s not allowed free time and should spearhead the clean-up from the front. Does that mean the head of any organisation should be at the ‘coal-face’ 24/7, should Bill Gates have come and stopped my Windows XP PC from blue-screening, should Barack Obama and David Cameron be on the front line in Afghanistan?

The answer is obviously NO, they should take an interest, keep and eye, or whatever other cliché you want to use.

Did the Americans criticise George W for playing golf while in office?

Yes I know the comparisons are a little over the top, but you see the point…

Another such story recently was the Unite Union boss going on holiday during the ongoing B.A dispute. Telegraph article

I can see the irony in both these cases, but surely everyone needs a break from time to time, yes it probably needs to be subtle and well thought out rather than turning out to be a faux pas but nobody can work effectively all day, every day, every week!!


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