Another week goes by…

I have sat down this morning to reflect on the events of the past week…

BP fiasco

Over the past few weeks, we have all read about, BP’s various attempts to cap the flow of oil from the seabed, approximately one mile down. We have also seen in the media that  U.S President Obama has been making representations publicly to BP, suggesting strongly that share bonuses are withheld etc. He also appears to have made the mistake of calling it “British” Petroleum which it isn’t.

I was going to go deeper in this blog regarding this, but it appears an article in today’s Mail, from Vince Cable, sums the situation up for me…  BP Situation.

Liberal Democrat Deputy Leadership…

Simon Hughes wins Deputy Leadership contest over Tim Farron, good luck to Simon in his new role, which some commentators say is to keep the Parliamentary Coalition part of the party in touch with the grass roots, i.e keeping the identity of the Party.

Labour Leadership

This week saw the nominations for the Labour Leadership finalised.

Now, obviously, I have no input, voting wise, in who the Labour Party choose as their new leader. It will, no doubt, have an influence on all of us, eventually. They are the main opposition party, of course. Although at the moment they seem very toothless and silent.

I haven’t, despite my previous statement, studied the candidates very closely, but am sure that over the summer months we shall learn what they stand for, without doubt. But I have like most listened to the snippets that have been in the news and formed an ‘uninformed’ opinion from that.

David Miliband appears to be the front runner and got most nominations, he also ‘gifted’ some nominations, including his own, to Diane Abbott, in order that she too could stand as a leadership candidate. It seems a very noble thing to do and the common-sense part of me says that it was so that there would be a cross party representation in the contest, Diane being from the left of the party. The cynical part of me says that it was for other reasons. If Diane leaves the contest, at some point, does that mean that David Miliband can then countenance support from the left of the party for doing the right thing?

Ed Miliband seems to be Mr. Sensible but is overshadowed by his brother, to me so far he has paled into oblivion…

Ed Balls is the would be Gordon Brown a-like, although he seems to be distancing himself from that stance by criticising decisions taken under the Brown Premiership. Ed Balls is the choice of Coalition Supporters, probably because he would be the proverbial Aunt Sally to throw wet sponges at, don’t think that bodes well for him. Probably also not helpful that some are saying that his wife, Yvette Cooper, should have stood as well.

Andy Burnham, I must admit I haven’t read a lot about and thus like Ed Miliband has paled into oblivion.

Diane Abbott, as previously said was helped into the contest. Reports I have heard is that she may surprise people and do quite well, although that obviously remains to be seen. She does offer the choice, not being male, white and middle class, although she did apparently have a rift with Harriet Harman at some point because she sent her child to private school (wonders how that will sit with the union votes).

Big Brother

This week also saw the final (on C4 anyway) launch of BB. I saw parts of the launch, enough to see that they still picked what seem to be ‘social mis-fits’ who I am sure will have a great time over the coming months…

Pre-warning of forthcoming Budget

As promised, there will be a Budget on 22nd June 2010. We have been warned that it will be painful for all of us!!

David Cameron’s speech this week set to outline that very clearly, Online Mail report. Although it is nice to have a pre-warning, there is nothing that we can do to change what George Osborne is going to announce. We can make representations afterwards, should we wish, we can change our spending habits, but it is going to happen…

Prime Minister, the flag and the visit

Other stories regarding the PM this week included the apparent questioning and some criticism that David Cameron was flying the flag of St George on 10 Downing Street. Yes he is the UK PM, yes the flag ONLY represents England, AND? If Scotland Wales or Northern Ireland had made the World Cup Football Finals, I would like to think he would fly their flags as well, but they didn’t.

Also this week, David Cameron visited Afghanistan for his first visit as P.M. The reports stated that his plane had to be diverted due to a security alert. How do the travel plans get leaked? Should it be that they plan three different plans to keep the terrorists guessing which one he’ll take? I’m sure I have red of this happening before, probably will again to.

Gordon Brown recluse and Charity

This week I read two stories regarding Gordon Brown:

Gordon Brown – Where is he now? (Telegraph article)

Charity Shop gets surprise delivery – from No.10 (BBC article)

World Cup

I can’t do a weekly blog without mentioning that the World Cup started this week (like you didn’t know)

We (most of us) will be on the edge of our seats watching, and criticising England (in the words of my late Father “Bah, load of bloody rubbish!!”). We want them to do well, fear we’ll be disappointed, probably lose on penalties, but if we win we’ll be ecstatic…

Alan Johnson considering forcing By Election?

Strange story appearing that in order to put a case for PR, Alan Johnson is going to stand down and seek re-election as David Davies did. Think I can only say watch this space!!

Alan Johnson could force by-election over PR (Telegraph)


This week I have started subscribing to two political comment podcasts, which I can thoroughly recommend, both are available on iTunes:

House of Comments

Ben and Arnie


The most amusing story of the week from New Zealand about two idiots trying to carry out a smash and grab:

Smash and grab raid fails as burglar hit by own rock (report)

YouTube footage


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