Israel, Gaza and the Flotilla

Statement: I know very little about the situation regarding Israel and Palestine/Gaza.

I have read many articles, blogs, tweets etc. over the past week (fairly hard to miss them) on this subject, and broadcasts from TV and radio, with the boarding of the ships in the flotilla. Listening to BBC Radio Fivelive’s phone in the other day, I would say the arguments came out around 50-50.

I therefore only know what I have read, heard and seen. Much of this information has been conflicting, with both sides, seemingly, trying to convince us that they are right.

The only conclusion I can come to, is that neither are right and as has been written many times a peaceful solution, whilst preferable, is many moons away.

The following are points that I have picked out from flotilla reports for and against both sides, they are not my views so I cannot verify their truth:

  • Israel was wrong to board the flotilla ships in International waters
  • The restricted zone/blockade is not recognised internationally
  • Aid ships in the past have been carrying weapons and materials banned from import into Gaza
  • The flotilla ships were checked before sailing by Turkish Officials
  • Any building materials delivered to Gaza would be used to build military establishments
  • Gaza desperately needs Aid and is living around the bread line
  • Israel says aid would be delivered but must be inspected first
  • Undue force was used in the storming of the flotilla, with both sides claiming the other attacked first
  • Hamas was democratically elected, but is a terrorist organisation
  • Hamas want to destroy Israel completely and claim what they believe is rightly theirs
  • Israel claim that they are only protecting their people
  • Peace campaigners killed in the flotilla were shot at close range according to reports today from autopsies
  • Tony Blair was a peace envoy in this region
  • the Arab League has criticised the Israelis for attack on flotilla

It would seem like the idea of an independent inquiry would be a good one, but who would both sides trust to carry this out?

The one thing that can be said of the flotilla is that if their aim was to get people talking about the Israel/Gaza situation, then actually it was a ‘great’ success!!


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