The morning after…

Yesterday, I posted a blog, supporting David Laws (

He has, as everyone now knows  resigned (
I still stand by those sentiments and hope that he will remain MP for Yeovil. I have, and urge others to email support to Who could blame David if he walked away from public life? In my opinion politics and Yeovil, in particular, would be poorer for it and would urge him to stay as our MP. He has our support, and our thoughts, at this time.

Has any MP ever had so much support in resignation, or been forced to resign for claiming LESS than they were entitled to? We keep hearing about the £40,000 figure in the media, but nobody has yet given the figure he could have claimed, if he wasn’t sharing a flat. My guess is it would have been a lot MORE than £40,000 over the many years.

As for David Laws sexuality, I also can’t believe that Britain is still that homophobic, we are a long way from the 19th Century, when the likes of Oscar Wilde was imprisoned for 2 years, hard labour, for ‘gross indecency’ with another man. Enough said, move on.

Unfortunately, what’s done is done, the resignation accepted, a successor appointed. There is no remorse, that I can see, from The Telegraph (no link given out of protest), did we expect there would be… Nice to hear Andrew Marr refusing to comment..

At this point I would like to wish Danny Alexander success in his new job at the Treasury.

Support for the Liberal Democrat Party and the Coalition will continue, as it should and although a setback we should not forget the long term aims of the Government, the instigation of which David Laws was a part of.

David Laws is STILL my MP, Yeovil’s MP and long may that remain!!!


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