David Laws – STILL my M.P!!

So, as I understand it, the bottom line on the Telegraph article is: David Laws claimed between £700 and £950 a month for rent, for a flat in London but nothing for his Constituency home in Yeovil, and it emerges he’s homosexual…

So he didn’t switch homes to make a profit, didn’t have a duck house. But he did pay his share of rent in a property with, what is now described as, his partner. Really is that the best they can do…

Seems like it was a case of… oh a Libdem looking good in government, quick go back through his expenses, dig around find some dirt, can’t let him seem to be good!! Just won’t do, old boy!!

I have also read his statement (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/politics/10188408.stm). He has apologised, move on.

As a Yeovil constituent of David Laws, I would like to say that £950 a month for rent of a London flat is good value for money, regardless who it is paid to and  I don’t give a s*** about his sexuality.
For the record, I would like to ‘come out’ and say that I am ‘straight’ (not that it’s any business of yours!). That’s not ‘coming out’ I guess you would say, or who cares!! – exactly.

I have asked myself the following questions:

  • Having read the article in The Telegraph do I still support David Laws? – Yes I do!!
  • On the ballot paper should it have read David Laws (gay)? – Of course not, I voted for him to represent me in parliament, to be my MP, sexuality is irrelevant .
  • Does it make David Laws any less effective as my MP? – No, he will still represent me, and my peers, in the future, with the same efficiency he has in the past, unless he is hounded out of office by the hacks.
  • Would I still vote for him if next election was tomorrow? – Of course, he is still the same person I voted for in the last election.
  • Do I think David Laws will do a good job at the Treasury? – From what I have read and seen so far, yes I do

The press in this country really need to get a life.

The public profile of people are built up and built up and then when they start to be prominent they shoot them down again. It’s a bit reminiscent of a fairground stall, the one with the pyramid of cans. I sometimes wonder why anyone would want to be a prominent figure in this country, be it a politician, TV personality, sports star etc. The moment their head rise over the parapet, there are our press digging and probing to find the ammunition to shoot them down again.

We should applaud the talented not despise them.


2 thoughts on “David Laws – STILL my M.P!!

  1. *Applause*

    I hope more of Laws’ constituents stand by him. It’d be sad for the country to lose such a talented economist and politician over a lie of omission that essentially saved the taxpayer money.


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