The Fixed Term 55% rule

What has a no-confidence vote got to do with dissolving parliament early, under the fixed term parliament proposal?

The answer is – nothing!! (apart from a signal that the Govt is in trouble)

This is how I have understood it from it’s initial announcement, Nick Clegg and other commentators have, in my mind, made this clear. In fact he reiterated this in his BBC Breakfast interview yesterday.

It seems though that others want to associate it, for whatever reason and to make political statement, the following was in a report by Patrick Wintour in The Guardian today:

“There were also signs tonight that Cameron would back down over aspects of his plan for a five-year fixed term parliament, by saying that the proposed majority of 55% required before a parliament could be dissolved early would only apply to a move by the prime minister to dissolve parliament early. A simple majority would still be required for a government to lose a confidence motion.”

Full article

So no backing down there then…

If you have a fixed term parliament you need a get out clause for a faltering parliament for the good of the Country, simples!!


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