Coalition, Coalition, Coalition

So we’ve had the Queen’s Speech and now know what’s in store for the next 18 months…

I am still finding it hard to understand why politicians, political commentators et al can’t work out how a coalition should work. This morning I watched Nick Clegg being interviewed on TV. He was asked about PR, the questioning then took the direction of how can you get the AV through, in a referendum,  if some Conservatives won’t vote for it. He politely pointed out that it’s the public who vote in a referendum, not MP’s. We know of course, it has been said, that a 3 line whip will ensure we have the referendum, we also know that it is agreed that  Tories can oppose it at referendum level and put their case to the public, this could also be said of some Labour activists, some will promote, some oppose. He also discussed the schools reform. It seems that people think that schools will HAVE to self govern, my take is that they have a choice, rather than being told what they are doing by Central Government.

This doesn’t mean there are wedges to be driven through the coalition, it means there is democracy in it. There are agreements and disagreements, in fact there is probably something in the Coalition Agreement that everyone agrees with, in some form. The evidence so far, early days, is that it will work.

If two political parties with mis-aligned views can agree to work together for the good of the country, then I feel we should support them. If on the first Thursday in May 2015 the Country is in a mess, the Coalition is in tatters, then the public can decide…

But as previously stated this is not a Conservative Government, this is not a Liberal Democrat Government, it is a Coalition Government, not all Tory policies, not all Libdem policies but a healthy mix of both, “for the good of the Country” and the dissenters should remember it!!


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