Another Week in Politics

But it’s a Coalition

This week saw the arrival of the coalition document, listing the new ‘manifesto’ for the Coalition Government

It appears that many people can’t understand coalition. I was disgusted to hear a Conservative MP disagreeing with the Government view, as it didn’t follow their manifesto. My immediate thought was, it wouldn’t, we haven’t got a Conservative Government!!

If Tory backbench MP’s (although I wouldn’t tar them all with the same brush) can’t get their heads round it, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised others can’t too. But surely the definition should be simple: Two different Parties working together to form a single Party for the purpose of Government, but maintaining there own views.

Ok so everything they stood for isn’t in the document, but when was the last time everything in a manifesto was carried out (certainly not in the last 13 years – ouch!!! sorry). So can everyone stop going on about what isn’t going to happen and get on with what is and hopefully it will end up with Britain being a better place…

But My Lords’

This week also saw the resignation from the Shadow Cabinet of Lords Mandelson and Adonis.

The reasons they gave were that it was not possible to work in a Shadow Cabinet from the House of Lords

Now to my simple mind, this makes no sense. If you can’t do your job in a Shadow Cabinet from the Lords, how could you do a Governmental job from the Lords. Does this mean they were ineffective when in power? or is it a ‘good’ excuse to take a back seat now and avoid the start of “Next” Labour?

Labour Leadership

And so it begins…

So now there is a ‘diverse’ selection of candidates from the Labour Membership to choose from, although how many obtain the required 33 backers requires to be seen.

It is amazing how, with Gordon Brown retreating to his Constituency, the anti-war, anti policy comments are emerging. Is this Labour Leadership Candidates showing their true colours, or are they pandering to the crowd, to win back the undecided and tell them what they want to hear. One way or another it doesn’t put a very good slant on the tune they’ve been playing for the last 13 years. Does this mean other things were a sham too. Perish the thought…

Oh well only another 3 months until we find out who the next Labour Leader will be.


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